Because Pools dont clean themselves
Title: Because Pools Dont Clean Themselves
Author: Gabbigee
Rating: Pg-13
Warning: Cursing, innuendo, oh and someone almost drowns.
Summary: AU David Cook is a professional pool cleaner, and sees something very interesting.
Disclaimer: I do not own David Cook or David Archuleta. This is fiction, and made in all good fun.
Notes: Ok fine, this idea is straight from Desperate Housewives. Give me a break here.

As Im standing there with a net in my hand, I can feel a pair of eyes on my back. I turn, and see Ms. Lupe near the pool. But she isnt looking at me. Then who the fuck is looking at me? I stop for a second, and see their son briskly walking to the screen door. Dont tell me that was him. Well, its better than dealing with a much older woman, and having to go through something straight out of Desperate Housewives. I keep fishing out the leaves in the pool, and I notice the son walking back with a drink. Ok, so maybe he wasnt pining after me. Am I suffering from heatstroke? I got up, and grabbed the water bottle on the umbrella table. As I began drinking, I felt a certain heat on my back, and it wasnt the sun. I looked over, but noone was looking my way. Maybe Im going insane, but im suddenly regretting my decision to go barechested. As the day went by, nervous chills would go up my spine. But the problem was, it didnt feel like just nerves.

More and more days went by, and I would feel the same gaze. After a week, I got very agitated. Maybe I was going paranoid, I thought, until one day that kid came up to me. Holding a tray of lemonade, that kid said, "Umm, sir, would you....uhhh like something to drink? I mean, youve been working so hard, and you looked really hot out there. Like, the sun is so high up there....and. Yeah." Before he could walk away, I stopped him., and put my hand on his shoulder. "Wait up." I said. But the feel of my hand seemed to make him slightly cringe. "Whats..your name?" "Uh..David." As soon as that final word left his mouth, he was gone. Maybe I should have worried that I was thinking like a pedophile (he looked like a prepubescent kid, for fucks sake), but the thing that got me on edge slightly was the fact that we had the same name. Maybe I was losing it.

But I still had to work. After Adam died, I couldnt bear to keep a job long enough to support myself. I didnt really care for much anymore. I left from Tulsa. Anything to escape pain, right? Running away to Miami might have made me a coward, but I didnt care. The meticulous steps of pool cleaning made me focus. Just enough to keep me slightly sane.

"Umm, are you just starting?" That day started out very unmemorable. I did what I always did: fished leaves out, checked the water level, and other things. When out of nowwhere, that kid comes (in swimgear, nonetheless) asking if I was done with work. "Umm, I mean we can wait, but I was just wondering--"

"Hon, dont worry!" That voice just sounded like a chick. Dont tell me thats his chick.

"Oh, hey..Tiff. Umm, my girlfriend. Haha..."

"Hi," I barely manage to choke out. I should have guessed. "Im David."

"Oh, hi...hey babe, Ive got something to show ya." Did she just wink?, I thought. Something told me that a) they were a new couple, and b) he wouldnt like this new girl. Or maybe Im just secretly hoping he doesnt like girls, I thought. "Umm, how bout we wait out here a bit? Its a bright day," Archie muttered. Ok, so he might look innocent, but he knows innuendo when he sees it. "Fine. You want some water?" the girlfriend asks. "Umm, yeah, fine" David muttered distractedly. As the girl left, I felt a certainly familiar gaze on my back. I knew this time I was not going insane this time. "So, your names David?"

"Yes" I mutter. I kept trying to be busy (or look busy) but apparently that was not quite working. "Yaknow, if thats kinda weird, you can call me Archie. Its..kinda my last name. Archuleta is, I mean."

"Cool" I manage to say. "Well, Im done now. You can swim or whatever.."

"Yeah, great. I guess Ill see you later?"

"Umm yeah, sure.. I do work here after all," I say, managing a smirk. Archie just blushes, nods his head, then dives right in the water. I get my supplies to put in my Ford, and I hear a silence. The "OH HELP ME IM DROWNING" kind of silence. I look over, and that kid is just..floating. Just floating like a damn sponge. I couldnt let anything happen to this kid. I dove straight in, jeans and all, and grab ahold of the kid. Dragging him up and out of the pool, I place him on the ground. Oh, crap. Hes not breathing. I start the procedures of CPR, and keep with it. Breathe, thump thump thump. Breathe, thump thump thump. In a minute or so, his chest goes up and down, and he regains conciousness. By this point, I was in the "Breathe" stage. But as I tried to get off of him, I feel an arm go around my neck. His arm. Before I could stop him, he pressed his lips against mine. That kid may look passive, but he gets what he wants. I finally give in, the temptation too good, and slide my tongue against his. We press harder and harder against each other, but before I could rip his pants off his body (believe me, I would) I hear a shriek. A girly shriek. Something that definitely yells, Girlfriend. Maybe I should have thought this through.

Stuck on Cookie
Title: Stuck on Cookie
Author: Gabbigee
Rating: pg-13
Summary: Archie wants his cookies....NOW.
Warnings: This is VERY fluff. haha... and kindof smut lol. making out, wanting....etc.
Disclaimer: I dont own either of the Davids. Because if I did, i might not even need to obsess about Cookleta. Id have it right in my living room XD And by the way, that tweet was for real. Just not the context Im thinking of it in. This fic is ENTIRELY fake. Its just stuck in my head begging to come out. Like Cook's undying love for Archie.
Notes: In the cookleta appreciation post, I saw a couple mentions of Archie's tweet about a sugar high. I thought I'd do a ficlet.. This is through Archies view, btw.

David is on tour. But I can't stop thinking.....Or wanting. I miss his warmth. His stupid jokes that set out to embarass me. When will he be back? Gahh. I have to get out of here. I turn off my Tivo (chockfull of Cook's American Idol moments and every single interview.) This gets me by when he is not here. I just want to POUNCE on him. Like a wildcat...haha. Forget it. I'm not getting up right now. I turn the television back on, and groan. It's Sesame Street, and Cookie Monster is on. Too many cookies.....

I finally jump out and get my keys. I am out of here. Anything to forget about him for ONE SECOND. I decide to run. I grab my cell and get the heck out of this place. As I run, I almost have peace from my closeted desires. But no. I forgot that we are celebrities. I stop halfway in the street because, low and behold, there is a billboard with David Cook on it. Gee, that luscious, beautiful smile of his almost gets me killed here, because I hear a honk.. and soon Im dodging a huge Ford truck. Go figure. Haha. I really should head back home. It's getting to four in the morning, and soon everyone will figure out that I'm not like everyone here. At least according to them.

As soon as I reach home, the phone rings. "Hello?" I answer. "Hey, baby." Oh. My. Heck. The sound of Cook's voice sends chills down my back. "Umm, hey..."

"Guess what?" Cook pipes out.

"Ummm, I have no idea. Tell me" I squeak. I'll never get used to his manly voice, as it ALWAYS catches me off guard.

"But you never guess." Cook whines.

Haha. So typical of Cook. "Somehow I'm going to make you laugh without meaning to?"

Cookie laughs. I silently go, "Yeeeeesssss."

"No, but close. Something came up..I'll be coming home soon! Just a week or so more, and I'll be right there with you."

I feel tons of relief, but it feels like a double-edged sword. How will I survive this week when I know he's so close to being with me? "Wow," I whispered. "I know, right?! I mean, this tour has been great and all, but.....I really miss you, Arch."

"Yeah, me too."

"Argh," Cook groans. "Neil's calling me. Something about the tour bus breaking down. I got to go. Bye....I love you."

"I..." Click. I guess it was a really bad breakdown. I go to our bedroom, where we made love for the last time in two months. I lay down, digging my head in the pillows. I can still smell Cook's shampoo. It's a combination of manly, sexy, earth-shattering, and my favorite: Oh. My. Heck. By the time I'm sighing uncontrollably, I get out of the bed. I want him SO BAD. I go to the couch and turn on the Tivo again. I can't get enough of that old man's mug. I shouldn't even say the word "mug" in the same sentence with him, he's so fine. Cook would laugh if he knew I used the word "fine" to describe him. I yawn, and realize that this week is going to be a very long one.

Finally. The day has come. I can't sit still, and end up cleaning EVERYTHING. Which is really ironic, because Cook is the messiest person I know. I dont even think he'd notice if I drowned the whole apartment in bleach. But at least the place is perfect. He called earlier, to say that he was on his way. To tell you the truth, I squeed. So much for subtlety. As the minutes tick down, I turn on the television, just waiting for my rocker prince to bust down the door. Ok, he would't do that. But he'd sure as heck make an entrance. As I flip every channel, I cant help but to feel anxious and more excited. Maybe it's just the constant reminders that he's going to be here. Because, I swear, there was a cookie crisp cereal or chips ahoy or even an oreo commercial EVERY SECOND. And then a Keebler ad on a truck passes by the window.

Suddenly, I hear a knock on the door in the tune of "Crush". Ahh...Our song. I eagerly opened the door, and took in the lovely view of everything that is David Roland Cook. As soon as I saw him, I could feel my cheeks redden. Aw, gosh. He can SO see me blushing. And so, I blush even more thinking about it. "Hey," I managed to spit out. "Thats all I get? Hey?" Cook said. For a moment, I couldnt tell that he was joking. When I did, I let out a breath of relief. "I sure missed you, babe" I said. Cook then grabbed me for a big hug. I swear to god, hes like a big teddy bear sometimes. I looked up at him, and just when I did, he drew me in for a longing kiss. Soon, he was practically dragging me towards the bedroom. "Wait, haha," I breathlessly said. "The door's not even locked. I know this'll be the best night of my life so far, but we don't need a madman coming in and ending it, haha." I rushed to the door, and closed it with a slam, locking it.

Finally. Running to the bedroom, I found Cook on the bed and pounced. He quickly grabbed me, and flipped me over, him landing on top. It started so fast. I could feel his tongue up and down my throat, his hands holding me at my waist. "You have no idea how much I thought of you these couple of months," he gasped. I smiled. "Neither do you I." And suddenly, I was pulling him closer. And closer. And closer. Until I didnt think I could breathe any more, Cook got up, taking his shirt off. I couldnt bear to have him any farther from me. I pulled him from his waist, running my hands through his gorgeous hair. I pressed my lips against his, and parted them. I could feel him unbuckling my belt. Oh, heck I could feel everything. And soon, I was in Cookie bliss.

@DavidArchie's Tweets
@DavidArchie Oh my heck, haven't really had sweets lately and just had cookies. totally on a cookie sugar high right now

Cook looked at me and laughed. "So that's what you call it?" he said. "Well, I think you need some more sugar." And thus I went on another Cookie binge.

notes: btw, i hope you guys like this! i bet its horrible :3 but im so giddy!!

Fight For Anything Part 2
Title: Fight for Anything Pt 2
Author: Gabbigee or Gabriella
Rating: Pg-13
Warnings: Injuries, Mild Violece, Suggestive Humour.
Disclaimer: I do not own David Archuleta or David Cook. I'm not even sure that is possible. I am not affiliated with American Idol, or any of these two talented men. Everything on here is just ficion. Nothing more.
Notes: All mistakes are my own and noone else's. I hope you like it. Its not too fluffy, but I hope its cute and/or romantic enough. Also, I've had some problems with the html...I think I fixed it..but Im not too sure. Just send me a comment telling me whats wrong. Im still kindof a noob. Sorry about that.... And Ill probably have to fix it tommorrow.

Cook sat in the hospital waiting room. He couldn't help but feel anguish, and to picture Archies unconcious self lying in the gravel. This was surely his fault. Putting his head in his hands, he began to cry. Sure, he seemed tough on the outside, but the thought of his Archangel helpless broke him away. For every sob, he though of everything he would miss about Archie. His face, his hair, the warmth of his touch, his voice. Cook wanted to be Archie's knight in shining armor, and it killed that he felt as helpless as Archie was. All of a sudden, Cook heard an"Ahem." He looked up to see a doctor standing before him. "David is very weak, but he is alive and well. You can see him in Room 235, but he may be woozy from the morphine we had to give him. He had a lot of injuries.""Thank you so much," said Cook. "You have no idea how much this means to me." After thanking the doctor, Cook rushed to Archie's room. Archie was awake, but looked like a mess. He had a broken leg and arm, and a black eye. There was also a bandage wrapped around his chest. As soon as Cook saw him, he crumpled under his own weight. "I. Am. So. Sorry." Cook could barely talk.. His tears were getting in the way.

"Are the cats fighting again? Oh hush, you cats. You really shouldnt be fighting at this time of night," murmured Archie. Oh, right. The morphine.

Cook laughed. "I can't even remember what we were fighting about," he said. Archie sighed. "Those cats shouldn't be fighting anyways."

Archie woke up. He could not remember going to sleep. And this was not his apartment. He looked around, and saw the picture of him and David Cook the night Cook won in American Idol. Archuleta would've like winning, but he loved seeing Cook win also. Even more, maybe. Of course, I'm at Snickerdoodles', he thought. As he began to smile, the pain ached through his bones. He suddenly realized he was recovering from a car accident. Cookie must be extremely worried. Archie tried to get up, but he saw an obstacle: he had a huge cast on his leg, and a splint held his arm in place. Never again would Archie underestimate the power of the Prius. Looking around, Archie spotted his cell phone on the nearby dresser. He picked it up and quickly called Cookie on speed dial. Suddenly, he heard Cook's voice. "I'll be right over," he said. Cook appeared in the bedroom doorway. "You're finally awake. I was very worried about you," Cook said.
A couple of weeks later, Archie was almost fixed. The only problem now was with his leg, which had not healed all the way. "Ahh," Archuleta exclaimed in pain. David Cook instantly jumped to Archie's side. "Are you okay? What happened?"
"Haha, It's okay. Just my leg. Yaknow, you've become like a watchdog these past couple of weeks. You're making me feel like a damsel in distress."
Cookie laughed. "Well, now you look more like Dr. House. there a checkup in my future?"
" I thought I was the injured one," giggled Archie.
The two had been walking in the park at midnight. The kind of time where papparrazzi always seem to sleep during. Cookie had chose his usual disguise: a baseball cap. But no sunglasses. No use for it now. Especially at night. Archuleta, though, had chosen not to wear anything to conceal his popular face. He was shy, but he felt extremely comfortable near Cook. Whatever happened, Cookie would be there for him.Soon, Arch and Cook found a park bench to sit on. As they sat down, their bodies got closer and closer. Cook pecked Archie on the forehead. "The day of the crash, I thought I lost you," he said.
Archie smiled. "And to think I was about to leave you," he whispered. "You care so much. I mean, all this time you have been taking care of me, no matter what. I'm so sorry for doubting you."
"I'm sorry for letting you get hit by a Prius."
Archie laughed out loud. "You are never going to let that go, aren't you? I never should have let you watch Jeff Dunham Saturday."
Cook gave that impeccable smile of mischief. Archie leaned in, and kissed Cookie. The two singers clamped themselves against each other in the moment of passion. All of a sudden, Archie heard a "click". "What was that?" Archie wondered out loud. Soon, there were about ten or more lights all around them. Papparazzi were closing in on them in the park bench. Cook knew what he had to do. He grabbed Archie and pushed out of the way of the photographers. He ended up walking on one, and grabbing another's camera and throwing it. They all seemed to crowd around Archie especially, and Cook could not take that. He ended up picking up Arch and his cane, and running to his car.
Soon, they were out of town. "Wow, what was that about?" Cook joked nervously.
Archie seemed to lose his sense of humour at the moment and he said,"Gee, I just don't know. Maybe it's the fact that two of the biggest stars from our season of American Idol is found making out, while the whole world thinks we're just friends. You do realize that everything we did to keep our private lives away from scrutiny is wasted away?"
Cook sighed. "It'll be okay, just breathe, babe. I know you are really extremely shy, me. It WILL work out."
"You better be right, Snick." mumbled Archuleta.
The next day, the press was buzzing with the pictures of the two Davids kissing. There were newspapers with titles such as: "David on David!", or Cookies personal favorite: "Cookie turns Cougar". Archuleta did not get how Cook could remain lighthearted about it. Archie sighed at a magazine that Cook left at the breakfast table. There goes our privacy. All he could think about was what they were going to do next. Come out flamboyantly on a reality show? Or just deny everything? Things were going to be even more frustrating and confusing as the gossip went on. "Whatever," he thought. "I'll just leave the press decisions to Cookie. At least I'm eighteen already." He couldnt stand the thought of Cook facing charges because of him. Cook ran into the apartment, shutting the door and bolting it. More papparazzo was harassing them from outside. "If it is okay with you, I have an idea," Cook managed to breathe out.
"Shoot," Archie replied.
"How about we just do a really big interview? We'll answer as many fans questions as we can, and see what happens. The more we come out, the less the media will try to fish out, right?"
Archie groaned. "But what about privacy?"
"Just trust me. Once everyone gets enough of us, they should leave us alone about our sexual orientation by then." Cook smiled. Oh god, Archie could not resist that smirk. "Fine," he grumbled. "But if this doesn't work, I'm making you sleep in the couch for a month." Cook scooped Archie into an embrace. "You know you'll cave after a week." whispered Cook. Oh, man Archie couldn't wait to see what Cook would do to test him. "Fine let's set up that interview then.

Fight for anything pt 1
Archie woke up from his deep sleep. He looked over to his side. Noone there. He missed the feeling of his Cookies' embrace. The fight had gone on for so long...he was sick of it. "Well, that's it," he said. Archie got up and hastily put on some clothes. He got into his car, avoiding papparazzi, and drove to the apartment where David stayed. When he finally got to the apartment, he noticed a car he had never seen before. Taking out the spare key Cookie gave him, he warily unlocked the door. He headed for the living room. There Cookie was, with someone else. "This couldn't be," Archie said out loud. David Cook stood up. "Wait, it's not what you think!" Cookie said hastily. Archie bolted out of the living room, and soon out the door to the street. "I trusted you.",whispered Archie. David Cook ran out to him. Grasping Archie in a hug, Cookie said," You really think I would give up that fast on you? If I would fight for anything, it would be to be with you.."

"I'm sorry, Snickerdoodle, but maybe I need a break." replied Archie.

Cook could not believe what he had just heard. He'd been trying so hard, especially with the couples' counselor. In fact, the man sitting next to him WAS the couples' counselor. He felt heartbroken. "Fine," Cook said. If this was what Archie wanted, that was it. All he wanted was for his Archie to be happy. "Ok, but I'll always be here for you. You know that." Cookie started walking away; back to his apartment. All of a sudden, he heard a screech and thud. Fearing the worst, Cookie turned around.
There he saw Archie lying on the ground. Nearby, he saw a car crushed into a building wall. Archie was hit. Running to the street, Cook called for help. But noone was there. He picked up Archie and ran for his car. If it wasn't for him, Archie would have never gotten hurt. As he drove, Cook thought of all of the memories with his love. How Archie made fun of his nickname and called him Snickerdoodle instead. When one day after their American Idol performances, they snuck out and went to a local club. That night, they had their first kiss. Nothing would happen to Archie as long as David Cook lived. He drove on in silence, as the hospital lights came closer and closer.
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(no subject)
Author: Gabbigee

David could not believe those words.

"I dare you to cuss. For one whole day."....

How could Cook expect him to just foul his language.. for a kiss? Well, not exactly one kiss, but still. He could definitely not bear staying away from Cook that long. He hated bets. Last night started alright, but Cook downed a bit more beer than usual, and you know his innocence decreases with every ounce of alcohol. Not like he is innocent. Anyways, he starts using such horrible language... and David could definitely not stand that. So, as angrily as David could muster, he yelled, "God, Cook ... why can't you stop all that.. nonsense?" David could not keep his "threatening" stance, because right at that moment, Cook decided to be the cutest, sexiest drunk David had ever seen. With that amazing smirk of his, Cook whispered, "Nonsense? I thought you liked nonsense." 

"The Mad Hatter was nonsense. Now, you are just insane.." mumbled David.

"You just cant handle the fucking heat in the fucking kitchen,"       

"Stop. Cussing." breathed David as his face steadily rose to a crimson red.

"I told you, you cant handle it."

"Wha--?? Yes, I can. I've dealt with it this far... y'know, with you and all those ....'darns'" David muttered.

"You cant even say it," Cook yelled as he woozily swayed side to side. "Tell ya what, I give you one day to cuss. If you can't do that, then I can't even kiss or touch you the whole week. Is it a bet?"

"What?! You can't do that! Its so....unfair.....ugh. fine. But just so you know, I'm only doing this to prove you wrong. For once. Now let's go home. The bet starts tomorrow morning."       

             ------------------------------------------------------                  ------------------------------------------------

The next morning, as Cook got up from the bed he shared with David, he remembered what he said the night before. Despite the fact that he had a raging hangover, he chuckled at what he managed to get David to agree to. Cook had been a brilliant persuader, but this was amazing. And he didn't even try. Getting up from the bed, he noticed David wasn't there. Ahh, but he smelled coffee. "Gotta love that kid," he thought. He walked into the kitchen, and said "Hey, pumpkin noodle." David just looked at him with a nervous look on his face. " You know I absolutely hate that name.." mumbled David. "Oh, and I hate you today" he said with a smile as he mixed eggs in a pan.                                                               

A timebomb ensues. You never really see the details, the tiny flaws that will soon crack and let unleash danger. You never see it. Maybe its because life is good now, so why worry? Or you'll fix or dismantle it later. I never saw. Every day I lived in constant bliss, unaware of the future. What detail was I missing? Or was I so blissfully and denyingly ignorant? I just did not want to know the truth, did i? But I learned a lesson. Everything looks so much better as an idea. But when you realize that ideas are strikingly different from the truth, your reality shatters. Just like mine did a couple of days ago.

the hardest part is knowing u cant go any longer
the hardest part is when u care
 when u cant even remember his touch 
when u cant shake the stare

but the easiest thing is when i dont wrry
when he is already forgotten.
when you realize all along  you were on your own
and it was already lost and

i dont care
i dont give a damn
i dont care
dont you hold my hand
idont care
dont you understand
i. dont. care.

falling away
away from your grace
from the dumbest hopes
that i wont remember your face

wondering how the hell
did i ever fall
for a guy like you
who wouldnt even call

and now i realize...

he doesnt care 
he dont give a dam
he doesnt care
i wont even hold his hand
he doesnt care
dont you understand
i. dont. care...

maybe ill borrow your laid back mentality
get high drop by
so fucked up i cant even see
my future it fades
just like your common sense
do you realize
what you had left?

and now i say..

i dont care
i dont give a damn
i dont care
dont you hold my hand 
i dont care
dont you understand
i. dont. care.
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